torsdag 9. september 2010

Italy offers more jobs for Lankans...!!!

Italy offers more jobs for Lankans

The present quota of 3,000 jobs offered to Sri Lankans annually by Italy will be further increased soon. Italian Ambassador Rubens Anna Fedel gave this assurance to Resettlement Deputy Minister Vinayagamoorthy Muralidaran when he called on the Ambassador for discussion at the Italian Embassy recently.

During the meeting, the Deputy Minister said there were a large number of unemployed youth in the Eastern Province and requested the Ambassador to provide them with job opportunities in Italy.

The Ambassador responding to the request said Italy would soon increase the quota of jobs provided for Sri Lankans to provide opportunities for them to seek employment abroad, said a press release issued by the Deputy Minister's Media Secretary Ramon Pierre. The Italian Ambassador who expressed his appreciation of the return of peace to Sri Lanka said more Italian tourists would visit Sri Lanka in the future as publicity had been given in Italy about Sri Lanka's tourist attractions and the peaceful atmosphere in the country.

The Italian Ambassador also said the Peruga and Seru Universities in Italy were willing to offer scholarships to students in Eastern Province Universities and added that the next intake would be in February 2011.

He wished to arrange this program in consultation with the External Affairs Ministry.